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BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy


BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy is an effective, simple way to rest securely, at home or away. It uses your own preferred firearm holster and is conveniently designed to pair with most waistband holsters.

  • Heavy Duty Rigid Plastic
  • Secure Anti-Slip Design
  • Easily Concealed
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Reversible/Adjustable
  • Quick Access
  • Use Your Own Holster
  • Extremely Versatile

Place the BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy between the mattress and box springs. Flip the caddy over depending on your preferred height. The caddy is easily hidden under the bedspread.

Made in USA

Always practice firearm safety. Trigger-lock needed when firearm not secured.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Alan H.

I've owned a few similar products, and this one is EASILY the best. Most are flimsy or slide out from between the mattress and box spring and fall onto the floor, which is sketchy with a gun. This holster caddy is stout and stays nearly glued in place. It solidly holds multiple different holsters for my little Sig 238 and my other pistols. Being able to use your own holster, which is fit to you gun, is the right way to do this. It is much safer and gives you a positive, clean draw. Love it!

Craig Wells
Perfect Design/Outstanding Execution

I saw this product and had to purchase it. It is inexpensive, made exceptionally well, made in the USA, and just plain does what it supposed to do. I'm able to, within 15 seconds, snap my IWB holstered CZ 75 Compact securely into place when I turn in. If I choose one of my other handguns, the process is the same and works as well. The product would easily be a bargain at twice the price. As a Professional Engineer I appreciate the thought that went into this straightforward design as well as the quality of the universal fit construction. Well done!

Mitch P.
Keep them coming!

I recently ordered my second BEDARMOR Holster Caddy as an early Christmas gift and they loved it. It's so simple and works with my holster.