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BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy


BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy is an effective, simple way to rest securely, at home or away. It uses your own preferred firearm holster and is conveniently designed to pair with most waistband holsters.

  • Heavy Duty Rigid Plastic
  • Secure Anti-Slip Design
  • Easily Concealed
  • Installs in Seconds
  • Reversible/Adjustable
  • Quick Access
  • Use Your Own Holster
  • Extremely Versatile

Place the BEDARMOR Bedside Holster Caddy between the mattress and box springs. Flip the caddy over depending on your preferred height. The caddy is easily hidden under the bedspread.

Made in USA

Always practice firearm safety. Trigger-lock needed when firearm not secured.

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